a) Simply email info[at]danhuser[dot]org with the items you want, along with your country, location etc. or
b) just leave a comment below with the stuff you want bla bla. Your comment will not be shown publicly!

No matter how you do it, we will get back to you immediately with a total and a wisely calculated postage rate and your estimated delivery time, depending on your position on the terrestrial globe. Wholesale inquiries, general questions, you just want to say hello I love/hate you? Please follow the same procedure!

Any item listed in one of our shops or can be ordered directly from us as described above, you don’t have to bother with Discogs or eBay, in case you don’t run an account there. Just write us what you want and we take it down for you. After all feel free to order via Discogs or eBay directly, if this is more your kind.

Any item listed is actually in stock and ready to ship!


Out now:

The Surreal Error “Drone Works #3” (CDr) 1st Edition ready for pre-order!
© Danhuserecordings 2014 – Cat.-Nr.: DR 07 – Limited/Unlimited to 23 copies!
– First available on Sunday August 3rd 2014 at Schlagstrom Festival

Remaining copies will be sold for 6 EUR only + shipping.


Coming up next:

Tactile “Drone Works #2” CDr
Danhuserecordings 2014 – Cat.-Nr.: DR 06
Release date: Summer 2014
Limited/Unlimited edition – Status: 1st Edition ready for pre-order


Various artists, labels, formats & titles for sale…

Agonije, Ali Helnwein, Alio Die, Allan Zane (also see Le Scrambled Debutante & Wyrm), Ambient Temple Of Imagination, Andrew Liles, Asmus Tietchens, At Jennie Richie, Audela, Bain Wolfkind, Black Sun Productions, Blaine L. Reininger, Bluebob, Boyd Rice, Buback, Cadaverous Condition, Colin Potter, Controlled Bleeding, Cyclobe, Dagda MorDaniel Menche, David Lynch, DD Kern, Death In June, Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter, Der Blutharsch, Dernière Volonté, Dither Craf, Emtidi, Extremocidente, Forced Nostalgia, Fourth Dimension RecordsFrancesco PaladinoFunctional OrganisationGalloping Foxley Recordings, Gjöll, Graf & ZyxGruppo Folk Urbano Sperimentale Divisionista, GX Jupitter-LarsenThe Hafler Trio (also see The Death And Beauty Foundation), Hands To, Hau Ruck!, Holy McGrailInfraction, irr. app. (ext.), Jerzy Marczak, Kenji Siratori, KlanggalerieLeprosy Discs, Le Scrambled Debutante (also see Allan Zane & Wyrm), Le ZappalotLinija Mass, Manifesto, MFH, Mort DouceMushroom’s Patience, NaevusNeither/Neither World, NER, Nihilist, Niko Skorpio, Nocturnal Emissions, NON, Nurse With Wound, O Yuki Conjugate, Our Survival Depends On Us, Pilz, Plague Recordings, Product 8PsychForm Records, Puke Music, ReptiljanRoedelius, Sheela-Na-Gig Sha-Na Penisring NingSally Doherty, Shayo, Sid RedlinSiôn Orgon, Some Place Else, Somnimage, Sottofasciasemplice, Steven Wilson, Surface Hoar, Susan Lawly, Tesco OrganisationTetsu Inoue, The Broken Penis Orchestra, The Death And Beauty Foundation (also see The Hafler Trio), Thighpaulsandra, Tocotronic, Turbolover, Various Artists, Varunna, Very Friendly, Whitehouse, Wicked Messenger, WKN, Wyrm (also see Allan Zane & Le Scrambled Debutante), zK, 2tokiislands & 9LSD9

Discogs sellser ID CLORAX.HURD

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