Claudio Abbado 1933-2014

Today conductor Claudio Abbado has died. To a friend of ours he was like a second grandfather, so he will be very missed, which makes us sad too. Therefore we are currently playing at the DANHUSER Org. headquarter his 1980 recording of Guiseppe Verdi’s ‘Requiem’ for Deutsche Grammophon. Read about his importance and abilities elsewhere, this is a personal note.

Claudio Abbado is dead, long live Claudio Abbado!


The Surreal Error @ Grenzerfahrungen

Dear friends, followers and facebook haters,

for those with open ears to the internet and its many radio stations:

DANHUSER Org. artist The Surreal Error, who are soon to appear on our very own Drone Works series will be broadcast tomorrow night, December 29th 2013 on Grenzerfahrungen. Tune in and hear a preview of what soon will be out as Drone Works #3.

Over & out!


Lou Reed 1942-2013

It is impossible in any way to overrate the cultural impact and importance of The Velvet Underground, we will not go further into detail that, read the books. The same goes for his solo work, but others will do the better writing on his life and times here too. But we do have to point out that if Magic and Loss hadn’t been there in the right time and place in our life, things would have been different for us in many ways. Magician, thank you forever: Lou Reed is dead, long live Lou Reed!