Drone Works #3 out now!

Dear rats,

Drone Works #3 by local heroes The Surreal Error is finally here:


This little jewel will be on sale Sunday August 3rd 2014 at Schlagstrom Festival, at the The Surreal Error / Gerechtigkeits Liga merchandise stall. Make sure to pick up this and other oddities right there, they soon will be gone. Remaining copies will be sold through the usual sewers right HERE!


Triple Bath Festival 07.02. – 09.02.2014

Dear rats,

the good people of Triple Bath are holding a three day festival in Athens. So if this is anywhere near you, dont miss this great event…

07.02. – 09.02.2014
Triple Bath festival @ Anamesa / Athens
Film screenings, discussions, performances, DJ-sets, a lottery draw and plenty of shows: Nokalypse, Georgios Poulios, Alexandros Drymonitis, Deåd Gum, Schema Musicalis, Stylianos Tziritas, Sister Overdrive, Panos Alexiadis, Yparxei Provlima Amalia, Silent Move, Michalis Moschoutis, Costinho & more!

Free Admission!

We especially recommend the documentary ‘Nokalypse: a story of inexistence’ on Saturday at 6:40 pm.

Over & out!