Messages from Masier regarding all the shows promoted here [edited / edited]:

Update: We do not go out anymore, from now on and F O R E V E R we hate people!

Since we cannot see all shows we want to see all the stuff listed here is recommendations for You and us, like a wish-list? So if You want to meet Your DANHUSER Org. in person, if You want to buy us a drink, if You want to purchase stuff, if You want to hand over demos, then drop us a line and we will get back with details ASAP. See You out there!

The Future is (most of the time not so) bright

[ L E E R E M P T I N E S S ]

Recommendations welcome!

The Past is (one giant) blur:

Vergangenheit 2.15
Vergangenheit 2.14
Vergangenheit 2.13
Vergangenheit 2.12
Vergangenheit 2.11


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