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Here is where to find all information on DANHUSER Org. and related. All the news will be posted here first. You never want to miss anything, receive updates on ultra limited subscribers only editions? We hardly encourage you to subscribe to the REPORT.

DANHUSER Org. is a label with more than one subsidiary and more than one artist, home of 12llpH, (((unsterne))), Claire Müller Highball, Danhuserecordings, Daniel Marc Euchrow, Il-Sogno-Di-Una-Cosa, Khaos Archive, Kia Dan, Mort Douce, NOVA EVROPA, Sheela-Na-Gig Sha-Na Penisring Ning, Sheela Moon Grrl, S.S. Freissner, Thomas Masier, Z1// and a few more people from outside the Коллектив.

First of all we love music, so we purchase and listen a lot. Then we love to spread the word, therefore we started releasing Musick. We love drink and so we drink a lot, sometimes even OUT. Every once in a while we are organizing shows.

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