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The Dark Ages

Dear rats and others drinking my blood,

those who know us personally, and those who do not may have guessed, but we have gone through some very dark days recently. But we herewith assure you that we are not dead, we are alive and, not yet perfectly well, but definitely on the path again. DANHUSER Org. will soon be fully back in action, so stay tuned.

The Dark Akes

We love you, some of you, not all of you …



Drone Works #3 out now!

Dear rats,

Drone Works #3 by local heroes The Surreal Error is finally here:


This little jewel will be on sale Sunday August 3rd 2014 at Schlagstrom Festival, at the The Surreal Error / Gerechtigkeits Liga merchandise stall. Make sure to pick up this and other oddities right there, they soon will be gone. Remaining copies will be sold through the usual sewers right HERE!


Drone Works #1 by Z1// ready for pre-order

Dear rats,

since we greatly enjoy drone/ambient/dream Muzak a new CDr series called Drone Works has just been launched here at DANHUSER Org.

Drone Works #1 by Z1//
Danhuserecordings 2013 [DR 05]


1. DW #1 (14:13)

Drone Works #1 is ready for pre-order,
shipping starts March 6th 2013,
worldwide shipping included for 7 EUR only!

Each release contains one lengthy track and will be treated with the same hand-crafted, generic packaging as above. The series of course will be limited/unlimited, as we produce a first run of, let’s say twenty copies, and if there should be demand for more, we will produce yet another one and another one and so on and so on. Of course every follow-up edition will be marked as “The 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edition” etc. Apart from that there will be no difference.

A legal note to all the haters out there:
This new series has absolutely nothing to do with Twenty Hertz or Drone Records though we strongly support both and simply cannot recommend them enough.

Over & out!