In Her Thrall; an Interview with Nikolas Schreck

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Heathen Harvest

Nikolas Schreck | Credit: Zeena Schreck Nikolas Schreck | Credit: Zeena Schreck


An Interview with Nikolas Schreck

by Alexander Nym

After 20 years of absence from the stages of this world, Nikolas Schreck reemerges with messages from another.


Most readers familiar with the occult strands within the so-called gothic, industrial and neofolk genres may remember Nikolas Schreck, prolific writer, magician and performer, from his involvement in the group (and organisation) Radio Werewolf and his relations with protagonists, organisations and events usually associated with the so-called „Satanic Panic“ which (dis-)graced US media and culture in the 80s and early 90s. From 1988-1993, he co-directed the Vienna-based Radio Werewolf with his partner, the artist and musician Zeena, whose recent live musical performance at the prestigious Performa Arts Festival in New York marked her return to the stage.

In the two decades since, Schreck has been living in Berlin and has devoted himself…

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