A Message from Masier regarding promoted Events

Dear folks, here is a message from Masier regarding all the shows promoted in the EVENTS section:

Friends of the Beast!

Since naturally, and You do know that, we technically and financially just cannot see all shows we want to see and in fact every once in a while we attend a thing we won’t even mention here, and that does not necessarily stress our spontaneity bla bla, all the stuff listed here is more or less recommendations for You and us. Like a wish-list, You see?

So if You want to meet Your DANHUSER Org. in person, if You want to buy us a drink, if You want to purchase stuff, if You want to hand over demos, if You want to make us a present, if You want to fetch a kiss or two, if You want to put our names on the guest-list, if You want to buy tickets for us, if You want to give us your two cents or if You just want to say hello, I hate your guts for ever, then drop us a line and we will get back with details ASAP.

See You out there!




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