Not Dead Entirely

Dear rats,

no news as such but the mere fact, which may not be so obvious to those we are not in touch with on a personal base… we are indeed well and still alive. As usual, behind curtains work goes on. As usual, some of it will surface somewhere, some not. As usual, we are pretty fed up with some poeple – and hence deleted our hopelessly useless Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Over & out!

– Masier

“Austreibung und Reformation” are coming!

Dear rats,

we will had a new release ready by that weekend:

DRSDN 2.14 /// DRSDN 2.15
“Austreibung und Reformation” (DR08)

M. Zetterberg

Recorded between 2004 and 2015 in Berlin, Upsalla, Stockholm and Budapest. Runs one hour plus in total.

Copies of the …free… Festival Edition  will be   were given to friends and associates and partners in crime only during Tower Transmissions Festival taking place in Dresden.

See you there!


Becoming Clean

Dear rats, just in case you haven’t noticed, today we cleaned up our Twitter following. Yes, the good people have been doing this for years and so should have we and it is not at all a new thing, but:

From today on we only follow those we are we personally know, like and/or are interested in. • DANKE FÜR IHRE AUFMERKSAMKEIT! • Yours, Masier

The Dark Ages

Dear rats and others drinking my blood,

those who know us personally, and those who do not may have guessed, but we have gone through some very dark days recently. But we herewith assure you that we are not dead, we are alive and, not yet perfectly well, but definitely on the path again. DANHUSER Org. will soon be fully back in action, so stay tuned.

The Dark Akes

We love you, some of you, not all of you …